Joe Haden Makes Kent State/Florida CWS Bet Today With Josh Cribbs; Game Was Last Night!

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If you missed it yesterday, the University of Florida faced off against lesser known Kent State University of the MAC in the College World Series. The #1 ranked Gators gave Kent State all they could, but they couldn’t outlast the upset and fell by a final score of 5-4. The story made its rounds last night, but apparently former Gator Joe Haden missed the news. Want to see his bonehead mistake? Want to see just how dumb this Browns CB is? Read on!

The following tweet was posted to Haden’s Twitter account about two hours ago:

Hate to break it to you Joe, but the game ended about 17 hours ago. Looks like you’ll be rocking a Golden Flashes jersey this week to practice, explaining to all your teammates and the media just how dumb you are. He goes on to claim he was misled by some unnamed source as to the time of the game:

False information? Ever hear of ESPN or the internet to back up game times and scores? Just take the hit for your dumb-ass mistake and roll with the punches. Lucky for him it was a playful bet and Cribbs is a real nice guy, but if this bet was with a guy like Mayweather you can guarantee he wouldn’t let Haden hear the end of it. Cribbs replied:

Next time you better pay up Haden, we’ve got our eyes on you.
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