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El Salvador-Honduras Soccer Fight At RFK Friendly Is 100% Embarrassing [VIDEO]

Who taught these El Salvador assholes how to fight at soccer games? This is from RFK Stadium (notice those sun bleached seats) over the weekend where El Salvador futbol fans decided to throw down. That’s not the real story. Focus on the effort of these soccer d-bags. In jorts. Sandals. Inadvertent hammer fist punches.

And like four minutes of fighting without security giving two sh*ts.

Posted: This weekend

Premise of Video: RFK Stadium decided to fill a Saturday with an El Salvador-Honduras match. Every retard from a 200 mile radius with rooting interest showed up in their costumes trying to act like hard asses. One thing led to another and they were fighting each other.

Climax of Video: Somebody got drilled in the nose because we have blood on the concrete.

Conclusion: Bud Light Lime will slam your ass these days. Hardcore.



    1. Jerry says:

      Why insult all of el salvador for what one individual did? Should the u.s be insalted for the wars they have done which have caused thousands of inncents to lose thier lives?

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