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Ryan Braun’s Girlfriend Larisa Fraser Is Back & In New Lingerie! [23 PHOTOS]

We continue to be amazed by Ryan Braun’s girlfriend Larisa Fraser and the lack of knowledge fans have for the hottest girlfriend in baseball. She still only has 2,400 ‘Likes’ on Facebook. Doesn’t use Twitter. Doesn’t have a personal website that we can find. It’s as if she’s trying to fly under the radar as a lingerie model. It boggles our minds. Now she’s out with new pics from the BronPrix lingerie line. It’s a UK company.

Companies in the U.S., what are you waiting for?

We’re talking about a 20-something model who is now making her way into the TV world via a part on CSI, playing Shelby Buress. We’re talking about a lingerie model who’s dating the reigning MVP. If this was the NFL, Fraser would be on Entertainment Tonight at least 2-3 times per week.

If she’s not in Esquire telling jokes by December it’ll be a travesty.



    1. Chelsea says:

      I used to babysit Larisa (or Lara… What she went by as a kid). She is the same sweet, loving, humble person today as she was as a 9 year-old. She has strong family values and is very down-to-earth. I believe she and Ryan truly value their relationship. She is a solid enough person to not use his fame as a personal stepping stone in her career.

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