19 NFSW Josh Beckett Is A Chicken Wing Eatin’, Beer Drinkin’ & Golfin’ F*@*ing Bum Tweets

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Poor Josh Beckett. The guy has pretty much ended his career in Boston thanks to his press conference last night after getting drilled by the Cleveland Indians. The right-hander’s line: 2.1 innings, 7 H, 7 ER, 2 HRs and his ERA ballooned to 5.97. Twitter exploded once Beckett sat down to answer questions and was asked about playing golf before missing a start.

Josh explained that he only gets 18 days off and that his off days are his business. Um, not good, brah.

Beckett’s 2012 salary: $15,750,000. That’s $43,150 per day this year. If he makes 30 starts that figures out to $525,000 per. The Sox still owe the guy $31,500,000 for contracts in ’13 & ’14. In other words, the guy isn’t going anywhere.