Red Sox Chick Kicked In Face During Fan Fight Last Night At Yankee Stadium [VIDEOS]

Update: Her name is Nicole Marquez and she’s a softball player from New York Institute of Technology.

BC reader D.G. sent an email tonight concerning video he shot Friday night at Yankee Stadium where the Bombers were facing Detroit. D.G. reports that Red Sox fan and her friend decided to take on their enemies. Wrong move. “Needless to say, they were being badgered the whole game, when finally, the girl who gets KO’d said enough is enough and tried to take on everyone in section 328.  She lost.”

Kudos to D.G. for his camera work. And it’s not crappy video, either. Major win for the Internet.

Posted: April 28, 2012

Premise of Video: As you’ll see, it seems everyone was drinking. David says this is Section 328, which means this isn’t the heavy rollers, yet these broads can easily drop some cash on draft beers. Ever see a kick to the face in a baseball fan fight? Now you have.

Climax of Video: Um, easily 400,000 pageviews by Monday night. Wait until this one gets passed around to Yankees fans around the world.

Conclusion: David reports that Red Sox Chick comes back for more. As you’ll see below, that doesn’t go too well, either.

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    1. jmd says:

      Christ, they’re all fat pigs.

    2. nowitzkifan says:

      Great .Americas past time .Idiocy .

    3. DW1980 says:

      Really tough Yankees fans. Kicking her down was really classy, but you’re yankees fans, so that’s normal for you. Just remember, at some point, you have to come to Fenway eventually….what goes around, comes around. Just saying.

    4. Sue says:

      Alcohol strikes again! People always act stupid when that are drunk. What was that girl thinking wearing a Boston hat to Yankee stadium?… That she wouldn’t get heckled??? She knew confrontation would occur at some level putting that hat on plus getting up from her seat getting into other peoples faces.

    5. Dee says:

      She should have never went up there . It’s just a game WTF! She isn’t getting no checks from the Red Sox and neither are the Yankee fans. She gets to go home with a concussion! Wow was it worth it?

      1. DW1980 says:

        Dee, it may be just a game, but Red Sox/Yankees is not JUST a rivalry; Its a tradition..and sometimes
        an ugly one.

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