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NFL Draft Cheerleaders: Andrew Luck’s New Biggest Fans In Bikinis! [PHOTOS]

The day has come when the Indianapolis Colts finally get to cash in for winning the Suck for Luck sweepstakes. Sure, it took the most painful season in recent Colts’ history to get here. Sure you had to get rid of the most important player in the history of your franchise. Sure have to put up with @JimIrsay’s incessant tweeting. But you still get the best QB draft prospect in the last few years to help turn things around.

And you also get a bunch of hot cheerleaders in bikinis.

Because Busted Coverage is about nothing if we’re not about trying to lift the morale of a failing franchise’s fanbase. The best way to do that (other than finding pictures of Tom Brady dressed up like a little girl letting Giselle spank him) is to bust out the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders swimsuit calendar. These pics may be from last year’s calendar, but every single one of these girls is coming back for the 2012 season. So we’ll be sure to post the newest and best pics when they come up. And trust me, I’ve done some strenuous research and there are plenty of rookies to be excited about in Indy besides Andrew Luck!



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