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Kyle Korver Selling House With Worst Game Room In Athlete House History [PHOTOS]

Yeah, we’re fully aware that the other Internet outlets that cover athlete pads had this one last week. However, not a single site (Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, Curbed, etc.) called out Kyle Korver for what has to be the worst game room in athlete house history. Korver is about to sell this 16-room, suburban Chicago mansion for $1.475 million. He paid $1.38. Yep, housing is coming back! Blah, blah, blah.

Now, let’s rip on Korver’s game room.

First of all, the walls. Nothing. Not even a Derrick Rose framed jersey. Not even a Joakim Noah framed & signed pot leaf poster. No Michael Jordan shoe in a glass box on a shelf? Oh, we get it, he’s trying to sell the house and doesn’t want to have to patch holes. Embarrassing.

And what’s up with the selection of games? Ms. PacMan gets a pass, but plastic electronic darts? Yeah, that was cool in 1997. Then there’s the Gatorade fridge. 2/3 empty.

Korver originally wanted over $1.7 for the place and then dropped the price $300,000 to get a contract. You go out and have a few items signed, framed and stuck on this wall and you get the $300k. You realize how in awe some rich dude would be when he looks in the game room and there is a 7-foot Shaq mannequin wearing a game-used uni from the 2000 Finals.

Oh well, it’s just $300k. Like splitting hairs.

[UNDER CONTRACT: Kyle Korver’s Chicago House]



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