Gronk “Hooking Up,” Getting Kissed By 16-Year-Old In Aruba? [PHOTOS]

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Just as we assumed all was cool with Gronk’s trip to Aruba last week, BC tipster Rob C. sent us an email Saturday regarding BC’s Aruba Gronk Watch. It was in that report that some chick was claiming on Twitter that she and her friend “hooked up with Gronk & his brother.” No big deal in our minds. Same old sh*t, just a different Gronk vacation in our minds. And then Rob C. pointed us to a driver’s license of one of those girls.


Now, before we go any further, let’s realize that teenage girls like to be brag about “hooking up.” They’ve bragged about it from the MySpace days, to the Facebook days and now the Twitter days. Not going to change. Hooking up means many different things in the minds of girls on spring break, especially when said girl thinks she’s about to make her Twitter followers jealous.

Here’s what the “hooking up” chick claimed late last week.

The life complete, “hooked up” tweet has since been deleted. We are left with Gronk (above) being kissed by the teens. This is where Rob C. took over the investigative duties. It seems the girl on the left is 16, because her friend posted Ms. Evans’ ID on Twitter.

We’ll just assume Kelsey exaggerated this whole “hooking up” tweet and that there isn’t photo proof other than a cheek kiss. We’ll also just assume Gronk assumes chicks in Aruba bars are 18 and legal. Can he process all this information when it’s 1 a.m. and the bar’s Fiesta lights are throbbing? Are you kidding?

As for parents of high schoolers allowing their daughters to go to Aruba on spring break, this should serve as a lesson. “Hooking up” is going to mean multiple things in your daughter’s head. The safe bet is to not let her on the plane.

Have intel from Gronk’s Aruba vacation that you think we need to hear about? Or Gronk in Florida? Or Gronk flying a kite? Do your thing.

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