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Wait, Is That Jeremy Lin At A Bar With Knicks Teammates? [PHOTO]

Would Jeremy Lin, compared by many as the Tim Tebow of the NBA for his Christian beliefs and ability to bring Skip Bayless to his knees, be in a nightclub with his Knicks teammates? Here’s what we know about this photo that is starting to make its rounds on the Internet: that’s Landry Fields (upper right) and Jared Jeffries in the Marines shirt. As for the two guys hanging with the white chicks?

The guy with what looks to be a PatrĂ³n bottle is allegedly Iman Shumpert. The guy shielding his face? Could it really be Jeremy Lin?

Linsanity has been known to wear an orange wristband. The Knicks played the Mavericks on March 6 and our new hero was 4-of-13 from the field in that 95-85 loss.

Maybe he has issues with iPhone flashes giving him headaches.

Did you encounter a guy who looked like Jeremy Lin at a Dallas nightclub this week? Have more iPhone pics to share? Are you one of the white chicks who partied with the Knicks? Tell us about the fun.


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    1. shaquiechan says:

      Reblogged this on Shaquie Chan and commented:
      Knicks lose five in a row. Carmelo Anthony is reportedly cheating on Lala with some twodel/groupie chick. JR Smith gets fined $25K for tweeting a photo of a women in a thong.
      AND Jeremy is spotted at the club with teammates?

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