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Rob Gronkowski Visiting Red Sox Training Camp On Crutches [PHOTO]

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA: It’s Day 3 of Busted Coverage’s Gronk-watch and instead of sitting by the pool and getting kissed by local chicks, today the Patriots tight end stopped into Red Sox training camp to bro out. Good news for the ladies: this was at 1:22 p.m. 

Who’s the guy with him? Red Sox trainer Jim Rowe.

According to NESN.com:

Rowe is also no stranger to ankle injuries. He was serving as the head trainer for the club in 2004 when Curt Schilling underwent ankle surgery following his famed run through the playoffs after makeshift “surgery” allowed Schilling to pitch in the ALCS and World Series.

Ladies of Fort Myers, you are on alert.

[HT: @JoeGiza]

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