Gina Carano Promoting Haywire Via… GQ Spread [PHOTOS]

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Gina Carano hasn’t fought an MMA fight since 2009, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about her.

Carano is apparently focusing on an acting career now and her first starring role, in the Steven Soderbergh movie Haywire, will debut this month. So, what does Carano do to help promote it? She does a photo shoot for GQ.

Is it hot? Pretty much.

Soderbergh reportedly choose Carano as the star of Haywire because he wanted someone who could actually fight. The movie, which is about a CIA operative who gets set up and then seeks revenge against the organization, has been getting positive reviews and also stars Ewan McGregor.

We’re probably going to watch it.

In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy these pics of Gina.
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[Kick Ass: Gina Carano] [Haywire IMDB]

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