Sixth Grader Damon Harge Plays Ball With High Schoolers [Video]

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Damon Harge has some sick moves on the basketball court and not just for a 12-year-old.

He’s the top-ranked prospect at the sixth grade level, he dropped a record 50 points in a game at last year’s Adidas Phenom Camp, shoots the three like nobody’s business, oh, and he plays on the Christian Faith Center Academy High School team in Creedmoor, North Carolina.

Harge is so good he’s already drawing interest from colleges. He’s visited North Carolina State and Duke. Kentucky, Washington State, Stanford, Florida, Washington, North Carolina Central and Santa Barbara have expressed interest.

What’s all the hype about? Check it out.

Posted: Dec. 11, 2011

Premise of Video: Highlights of 12-year-old basketball phenom Damon Harge. Watch the kid break some ankles, make some wicked passes and drop some threes.

Highlight of Video: It’s gotta be the crossover into the fadeaway at the 30 second mark.

Conclusion: The kid, obviously, is pretty impressive.

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