Baseball Cap Bank Robbers: Best Of 2011

There was a moment this year when searching for Cuff ‘Ems that it became apparent that wearing sports clothing was a cottage industry within the bank robbery industry. There were hockey hats, SEC hoodies, MLB hats, NFL hats. Even a minor league baseball hat was worn in a bank robbery. We now consider ourselves the leader in this business and think 2012 could be the year when a sports blog busts a baseball cap bank robber. Still o-fer-2011 in ’11 but that’s in just 3-4 months.

Our favorite baseball cap robber of the year has to be the Astros guy wearing a blond wig while popping a St. Louis bank.

If one of these guys catches your eye and you’re scared to turn him in, just send word and we’ll do the dirty work with police.


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