Drug Addict & Ex-QB Todd Marinovich Is A Really Bad Artist [PHOTOS]

Todd Marinovich may not have been a great NFL quarterback. In fact, he was probably a terrible NFL quarterback and it turns out he’s a terrible artist, too.

Marinovich, who’s been the subject of an ESPN documentary and was a star quarterback at USC, is now a recluse… who owns an art gallery. There’s a lot of football art at the Todd Marinovich Art Gallery — go figure — but at least he’s found his calling.

Marinovich was molded to be an athlete by his father from a young age. When he went to USC, he majored in, well… let’s be honest — he was majoring in NFL. Officially, however, Marinovich majored in Fine Arts.

On his website, Marinovich explains his new passion.

I draw from my life experience to create art with ‘feel’ – it’s not perfect and often times not pretty, but my goal is to evoke emotion and communicate ideas. If you as a viewer are moved by my pieces then my goal has been achieved.

Far out.

Here’s a little bit of Marinovich’s art for you judge.

Fight on!

[Todd Marinovich Gallery]

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    1. zFarber says:

      You’re a horrible human being in my opinion. Art should never be criticized, because art is just a way of expressing yourself. He is making a living off of it, so obviously he is doing something right. Have a heart and stop trying to criticize people to become a big shot writer. That being said, God bless and happy holidays.

    2. Alan says:

      Obviously you are jealous and have a small penis. Perhaps even Napolean Syndrome. The irony here is people should feel sorry for YOU and not Todd. He has overcome his daddy issues. Maybe a stint in prison would do you good Monty. At the very least you should be arrested for impersonating someone who thinks they know something about art and Todd.

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