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The Redskins Cheerleaders Sported American Flags On Their Bottoms [PHOTOS]

Rex “Rextacy” Grossman aka the “Sex Cannon” and the Washington Redskins faced off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Grossman spent most of his time on his back or missing his receivers against the stout New England defense where the sound of booing filled the stadium. Rob Gronkowski made a spectacular catch in which most of the defense thought he was down.

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    1. wes hancock says:

      Yeah ok. so we may not be the best, or even the most mediocre offense in the league, but stating Grossman spent most of last Sunday’s game on his back or missing his receivers tells me that you obviously didn’t watch an ounce of the game in which this “stout” new England defense allowed a season high 466 yards of total offense to the skins, including 254 yards from Mr Rexy himself (which I guess you assume he did off his back laying in the dirt). Yes the godly entity you refer to as the new England defense did manage 2 sacks on the day, it was far from the superiority you described. I understand we are a bad football team with a bad quarterback. I know this. But for a game that was determined by a botched call in the end zone that would’ve lead to a tie it was anything but the parlay you must have assumed it was. And yes, the skins also outperformed Brady and co. In terms of overall yardage and game clock. The redskins are undeniably the most disrespected teams in the league, but please attempt to acknowledge the facts before adding to the hate fest.

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