91% Sure Erin Hawksworth Will Be NESN’s Red Sox Sideline Reporter [PHOTOS]

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Erin Hawksworth, a sports reporter for the Fox affiliate in Seattle, just happens to follow Uncle Busted Coverage on Twitter so we tried to ask her yesterday what her favorite Thanksgiving food dish was for our 36 Hot Chicks & Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes feature. Erin finally answered, “Turkey, Turkey, Turkey! Can’t have turkey without stuffing though.” She was ill yesterday, hence the late response. We then started talking a Boston Red Sox job.

As you might remember, it was announced last week that Heidi Watney was leaving her Red Sox sideline reporting job in order to return to California and cover the Lakers next year. It just happens that Hawksworth used to work in Boston, has been covering sports and is a can’t-miss personality that would plug right in where Heidi left off for NESN.
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So here’s how it went down today on Twitter where we traded tweets.

BC: So, what’s up with you and the NESN sideline reporting gig opportunity?

Hawks: Can’t say much ;-)

BC: Just remember us little guys when your are jetsetting across the country with Papi & the boys

Hawks: Haha anything u can do to help me campaign would be much appreciated

BC: Need shot from your photo collection of you wearing Red Sox garb to make that happen. Why the lack of Sox pics?

Hawks: (paraphrasing) Journalistic integrity.

Us: Go in a totally opposite direction & upload pic in Yankees shirt. Suze Waldman will freak.

Hawks: (paraphrasing) You make me laugh so much.

See that wink in that conversation? Looks like we’ve broken yet another story in the sideline reporting community. There was no denial. Nothing like “I interviewed, but they told me I failed the Red Sox of 1976 roster test.” Not even a, “you’re a moron. I’m perfectly happy working for Fox Seattle.”

Opening Day ’12. Hawksworth makes her MLB debut and the Internets nearly explode the first time she reports live. Mark it down.

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