29 Greatest Heidi Watney Moments In Red Sox History [PHOTOS]

The reports, despite Heidi Watney saying differently on Twitter, are that the leggy blonde has covered her final game as a Boston Red Sox sideline reporter for NESN. Watney is currently in Australia watching her cousin Nick Watney hit some golf balls. Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam says Watney is headed to Time Warner Laker broadcasts for the ’12-13 season. We had the time this afternoon to compile the 29 Greatest Heidi Red Sox Moments. This brings a tear to our eye.

McAdam reports:

Watney, whose contract had also expired, is leaving to work for Time Warner Cable in southern California. Time Warner Cable lured the Los Angeles Lakers away from Fox Sports West and KCAL-TV last February with a landmark 20-year deal said be worth in excess of $2.5 billion.

Watney will work as a sideline reporter on the Time Warner Cable Laker telecasts, beginning with the 2012-13 season. She had worked on NESN’s Red Sox telecasts and other Red Sox programming for the past four seasons. Her new job allows her to return to her native California.

And there it is. The end of an era.

[Orsillo re-signs with NESN; Watney out]



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