Bet On WR David Nelson & Kelsi Reich’s Relationship [GAMBLING]

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Buffalo Bills receiver David Nelson and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich were the big story yesterday. They’re dating and Nelson handed her the ball after scoring a touchdown against the Cowboys.


Since America’s new favorite couple is hot right now, you can also place some prop bets on their future. Some are realistic and some are just plain stupid. Here’s the list.

  • David and Kelsi to marry in 2012
  • David fails to score another touchdown this season
  • Kelsi traded to Bills
  • David traded to Cowboys
  • Cowboys to face Bills in Super Bowl XLVI
  • Kelsi sells touchdown ball on ebay
  • NFL demand return of ball
  • David dumps Kelsi to date Kim Kardashian
  • David proposes to Kelsi during next Bills/Cowboys game
  • David and Kelsi get their own reality TV show
To win, the event has to occur before the end of the 2012 season.

We’re a little confused how a cheerleader would get traded and since next season’s schedule isn’t even put together yet, so no one knows if the Bills and Cowboys will play next year, we think we’ll lay off that action.

Reality show? That’s a maybe.

Reich, well, she’s a definitely.
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