Sexy Time! Erin Hawksworth Drops F-Bomb On Live TV [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

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We were always big fans of Erin Hawksworth, a sports reporter for Seattle’s Fox affiliate, but now we’re bigger fans.

The station cut to Hawksworth, who was talking to fans in a chat room, prior to last weekend’s Seahawks game. The anchor asks her what the fans are saying and she quotes one verbatim.

As is usually the case in chat rooms, the fan she quoted was letting the expletives fly and Erin read the entire comment on air with a big smile on her face.

The result: laughter.

We’ll get to video, but first, we know you want to see more of Hawksworth.

Posted: Oct. 2, 2001

Premise of Video: Fine-ass reporter Erin Hawksworth quotes a Seattle Seahawks fan in a chat room and drops an f-bomb live on air.

Climax of Video: The bomb itself and the reaction from the show’s anchors.

Conclusion: She’s hot, but we’re not sure how bright she is. We’re still not sure if she realized what she was doing at any point in this clip. As we like to tell the ladies in our lives — it’s a good thing you have a pretty face.

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