Busted Coverage Street Team Destroyed WVU-LSU Tailgating [PHOTOS; NSFW-ish]

Imagine our surprise after throwing up a Craigslist job offer on the Morgantown board returned like 15 job candidates for our Busted Coverage WVU-LSU Street Team. We settled on Candy & Mandy who promised to give WVU fans a show and be just dirty enough to make LSU fans feel like they were on Bourbon Street. Candy (the one with F$%^ LSU) reported that her and Mandy started drinking Nattys at 9:30 while watching Erin Andrews work GameDay at the Mountainlair.

Upon meeting up with the ladies on WV route 705, across from the Boston Beanery, the ladies seemed ready for their big day of tailgating, dropping their pants and showing off what a true WV lady looks like.

“What state is LSU from?” Mandy wondered.

“Don’t be stupid,” Candy countered. “They’re from New Orleans.”

It was back and forth banter like this for like 15 minutes until we sent these two and bouncers on their way to The Blue Lot.

Highlights From 1.5 Days In Morgantown, West Virginia:

• LSU fans were only fans spotted at GameDay with booze. West Virginia students and fans appeared shocked that you could drink beer at 10 a.m. outside the student union.

• What’s up with the WVU student union? Time to upgrade, boys.

• Get new break pads before venturing around the downtown campus.

• Milan Puskar Stadium plastic bottled beers: $7

• Boston Beanery is a solid place near the stadium to get beers, Bloody Marys & watch the early games.

• It’s not recommended to park your new SUV or convertible in The Blue Lot.

• Kudos to the ample amount of port-a-johns around the tailgating lots

• Where were all the kegs? Too many bottles.

• LSU fans were as advertised.

• An 8 p.m. kickoff in Morgantown is perfect end to a drunken mess of a day.

• Milan Puskar wasn’t made for 65,000 or so fans to move around the concourses. Total disaster at halftime.

• Didn’t have moonshine on this trip, but it was available at multiple tailgates.

• WVU for a huge out-of-conference game is highly recommended, according to Candy & Mandy.

Do you have photos from WVU-LSU that need to be published for Busted Coverage Nation?

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    1. Candy & mandy says:

      This is to the genius who posted the story of candy & mandy, i’m sure anyone smart enough to make up such a ridiculous story would be smart enough to know that you need someones permission to use their pictures on your websites and to write articles about them!!! If u dont take the pictures and articles off of your website their will be charges pressed against you!! So i hope you got the laughs you were looking for because im pretty sure candy & mandy are gonna get the last laugh!!! Pretty sure to make up a story like that you would have to interview people first, and im also pretty sure that didn’t happen!!!

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