UPDATE: Drunk UCF Student Pummeled By Orlando Cops In Brawl [Cuff ‘Em]

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We showed you the video Monday morning. Now comes word from the Orlando media that drunken 22-year-old UCF graduate student Andrew Galbo went well beyond a simple fight with cops after the YouTube video stopped rolling. To be specific, there were quotes in the police report that make Galbo an instant douchebag, even beyond the douchebaggery of being so drunk fighting a cop seems like a good idea.

The quote machine speaks, via the report.

Deputies say Galbo, who smelled of alcohol, became unruly at the UCF-Boston College game Saturday evening and was asked to leave by the event staff. When he refused, a uniformed off-duty deputy attempted to escort Galbo from the stadium.

Galbo refused to leave and instead grabbed a nearby metal railing and told the officer, “No, bro!” When the deputy tried again to escort Galbo from the stadium, he yelled, “Don’t push me bro; you’re not tough!”

“While on top of Galbo I continuously stated to him to stop resisting … I was forcing Galbo’s head to the side to avoid being spit on and turn him onto his back for handcuffing,” states the report, released by the Sheriff’s Office Monday. “Galbo forced his head to look straight at this deputy and then spit into my face.”

During the arrest, the report stated Galbo threatened the deputy and said, “That badge don’t mean [expletive], don’t touch me bro.”

What a pile of shit. First thing, he’d go to jail for a month. Then he’d be kicked out of school. Then he’d be required to wash the blood off the officers shoes who had to kick his ass. And what’s up with Florida bros using bros in YouTube videos. Maybe you remember “Don’t tase me, bro.” He was at the University of Florida.

If you use bro in a sentence to refer to a cop, you deserve a mugshot where your face has been demolished.

Nice look, bro.

[UCF student attacks Orange deputy]