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Albert Pujols Breaks Heart Of Brewers Grandpa With Foul Ball Tease

First off, what is it with you morons out there and foul balls. Want a MLB baseball? Go on eBay, buy one, hide it from your kid, take him to a Giants-Padres game, and mysteriously drop it in the stands where you then grab it, making your child think you are a hero. Yes, that sentence was ridiculous. Kudos to Albert Pujols last night as he jukes tubby out of a souvenir. Sit down, fatty. There are only two outs.

No, we can’t show you video of the Pujols-Fatty foul ball brouhaha. MLB isn’t down with its videos being shown on stupid blogs like this.

So, if you want to animate these screencaps, have at it.



    1. Brando says:

      I don’t care for Poo holes, but that was funny.

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