J.J. Redick & His Wife, Like, Can’t Believe Leg Room On Virgin Flight To SFO

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J.J. Redick and his cute Kellie Pickler cloned wife, Chelsea, are currently enroute to San Francisco via a Virgin Atlantic flight. Even though J.J. has made millions in the NBA, he claims to have never flown Virgin. Yeah, you learn something new every day on Busted Coverage. J.J. is so excited about his adventure that he and the wife are taking photos for their Christmas cards.

Says J.J.:

Hahahaha I have no IDEA RT @FLKeysBeachBum: @JJRedick47 dang who is the hottie w/ the pearls

I’ve never flown Virgin America until today. Crazy vibe. Blacklights. House music. And unreal leg room…

Again, Redick doesn’t know the chick with the pearls. You’ve been warned, there could be three-way photos from a Virgin Atlantic flight to SFO leaked on Twitter by midnight. Plan your searches accordingly. We need to scoot out of here to hit the bar and be home in time for Pennsylvania vs. California.

*Bonus shot of Chelsea in the Red Sox shirt just because we thought it needed publicizing. No idea who the sister is, but it shot to the top of our Friday to-do list.


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