Luther Campbell Tears Up Liv With “F#$% Shapiro” Last Night [Video]

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Back to back videos this morning only because both are relevant to this time in sports history. Now comes the video that has Miami fired up this morning. It’s Uncle Luke (Luther Campbell) last night at Liv busting out a version of “F$%^ Shapiro” with some “Me So Horny.” You gotta hand it to this guy, even at 52-years-old the guy handles a mic unlike any rapper in history.

And he can mix in college football at a moments notice. Amazing stuff!

Posted: A couple hours ago

Premise of Video: Luke throws down a couple lines to his new song “F$%^ Shapiro” a gift to his new enemy Nevin Shapiro, the Miami booster who has now turned on his old homeboys.

Climax of Video: Luke brings out the hoes. Takes us back to the early 90s.

Conclusion: Expect an iTunes full release of this classic by October.


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