Sydney Esiason Is Hottest College Athlete Of 2011-12 Candidate [15 Photos]

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It’s that time here at Busted Coverage when we take you guys on a journey around the United States and U.S. territories to find the 2011-2012 Hottest College Athlete. Remember, emphasis is on the combination of beauty and sport. Sports Illustrated can compliment D-III basketballers for dropping 59 on Bemidji State. Not us. The year gets started with a bang with Boomer Esiason’s 18-year-old daughter, Sydney.

If it wasn’t for a mid-July appearance on the Boomer & Carton show, Sydney Esiason would have never entered our consciousness. It was one of those days on the show when the gabbers have a trivia show. It just happened that Ms. Esiason made her world television and radio debut – in HD. It was during the show that BC editors learned that the Boston College sophomore-to-be was just 18. That sent our i-Team into a frenzy.

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What’s Sydney’s story? What’s she up to in college? Red cup party pics? DETAILS!

And then it happened. The Boston College women’s club lacrosse team roster smacked us in the face. Number 19 – Esiason. It was like the blog world’s colliding. That was it, our first Hottest College Athlete candidate was in the bag.

The Sydney Esiason File:

• 18

Twitter account is locked

Facebook account; yes. Good chance you aren’t getting in after reading this.

• #7 jersey was taken by senior lacrosse player

• Has raised her East Coast media exposure by attending a couple public events

• Lacrosse stats? No idea, but does it matter?

• Seems to know her way around a red cup party

Know a candidate for the 2011-12 Hottest College Athlete Challenge? Tip us off & let BC investigate. Yes, even club athletes are eligible.