Here Is Stubby Clapp Unloading On Minor League Ump [Video]

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It’s rare for Stubby Clapp to get an appearance on Busted Coverage so he decided to take his argument with an umpire to the next level yesterday during a Single-A game in Troy, NY. Clapp, possibly perturbed by 3,000 screaming kids, loses it when it appears his player was hit with a pitch. The umpire says no. Clapp, a guy who only had 5 MLB hits in his storied career, is having none of the umpires $%^#.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Covered that already.

Climax of Video: Look at the aerial distance Clapp gets with that slammed helmet. Sick.

Conclusion: This’ll probably be the last time you see Clapp until he takes over the St. Louis Cardinals’ job when LaRussa finally fades into the sunset to take care of dogs.

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