Tammy Lee Hinton Wedding Interrupted By Post “I Do” Handcuffs [Cuff 'Em]

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Our friends in Florida have done it again with yet another crazy arrest story that’s almost too good to be true. It seems Tammy Lee Hinton, a Port Richey, Florida resident, tried to get married Saturday in Michigan. The only problem was that her son found out and he’s a tad pissed off at his mother for stealing his identity & running up utility debts. Instead of popping her at home, the fuzz waited until her wedding day!

This is where the St. Pete Times picks up the story:

Michigan authorities say Hinton charged about $3,000 in utility bills in 2009 under the name of her son, Wesley Knauf, then 17. He discovered the debts when he applied for a credit card. Wesley searched through his mother’s bills and found many with his name on it, said Hinton’s ex-husband, Joseph Knauf.

Hinton left for Florida shortly afterward, Knauf said.

Seriously, mom? In your son’s name who was 17? Kinda dirty, no? Anyway, Hinton had her booking photo taken in her gown, posted bail and made it back to her wedding reception! Florida representin’!

A court case was set for Monday morning. Of course Tammy skipped town. Gotta go on a honeymoon.

[Port Richey bride arrested after wedding in Michigan]

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