6 Greatest Sports Reporter Erin Hawksworth Twitpics Of All Time

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The name Erin Hawksworth might ring a bell with those of you who live in the Boston television market or those of you in Seattle who are just now getting to see this Washington native rip off the rain jacket. A sports broadcaster, we’ve discovered that Erin has been handling general news assignments in the Pacific Northwest with such classics as “Everybody Poops.” Anyway, guess who was at Game One of the Stanley Cup last night? Yep, Erin and she unleashed this Canucks shirt that is an instant BC Hall of Famer.

It seems that Erin has been shredding male audiences for at least 5 years now, including Dallas where she perfected her sports reporting abilities, according to a 2006 Dallas Observer Best of issue. 

Best Reason to Watch Another Boring Rangers Segment – 2006

We haven’t been baseball fans since we were kids, mostly because we grew very tired of being disappointed by the Rangers every year (not to mention corporate ballparks, outrageous salaries and steroid scandals). But when Channel 8 sports reporter Erin Hawksworth talks baseball, we start to care again. Oh mama, do we care. We care so much, in fact, that we even looked her up on MySpace. You know, to read her insightful sports commentary. Sadly, her page has since been shut down. Red-blooded males all over the metroplex will keep watching, though. And Google-ing. And hoping.

And some more words of advice, Erin only has 2,100 followers on Twitter. Get in on the ground floor because we have a sneaking suspicion her career is about to take off when the uppers in NYC see that “Everybody Poops” report.

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