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A Reds-Phillies 19-Inning Game Photo Gallery You’ll Enjoy [Morning Twitpic]

You want to see what happens when a Major League Baseball game goes 6 hours and 11 minutes? Last night’s Reds-Phillies game didn’t end until 1:19 this morning with the Fightins winning 5-4 in 19 innings. It was the 6th longest game in Phils history and longest (in terms of hours) in Reds’ history. Even more impressive was 2B Wilson Valdez joining Babe Ruth as the only player in MLB history to start a game in the field and become the winning pitcher. But what really shocked us were the amount of Phillies fans that legged out the marathon. Do you people have jobs?

Keep in mind the ballpark panoramic is from the 15th inning.

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