Cam Newton’s BCS Championship Pants Now Belong To Busted Coverage!

It comes with great pleasure for the Busted Coverage staff to announce that this fine operation has been victorious in the purchase of, via Auburn University, the game pants worn by Cam Newton during the BCS Championship. What do we have planned for the pants? They will reside in Ohio and have a nice comfy spot where select friends of Busted Coverage Nation will be given the privilege to look at and maybe touch the grass stains from that night in Glendale. Why purchase these pants? We have a secret plan and it might include the upcoming Harvey Updyke trial.

The final purchase price for Newton’s pants came in at $1,525 with $10 shipping an authenticity guarantee from the university.

This pair of authentic Auburn football pants was worn by Heisman Trophy winner and 2011 NFL #1 Overall Draft Pick Cam Newton in the BCS National Championship game on January 10, 2011 in Glendale, AZ. The inside waistband of the pants is marked with Newton’s locker number (102) and the outside of the pants still retain grass stains from the game. This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Auburn Athletics Department.

We’re now taking suggestions as to what the next step should be for the pants. Some have suggested we lend them to Harvey Updyke to wear during his upcoming trial for poisoning the trees at Toomer’s Corner.

BC is game, but someone will have to step forward with intel on how to reach Updyke, his pant size, etc.

Others have asked if this was a public sale. Yes it was. Some other character won Nick Fairley’s shoes.

Why blow that much money on pants? Are you kidding? This is a huge piece of college football history. #1 NFL Draft pick. Heisman Trophy winner. The school’s first BCS Championship. A transcending figure.

This morning ESPN Carolina Panthers writer Pat Yasinskas had a piece on 2011 ticket sales for a franchise that has suffered huge declines in the past 5 years. The team’s director of ticket sales can barely contain his enthusiasm.

“With all the interest leading into the draft, interest is piqued. You have the No. 1 pick and you’re automatically in the spotlight for a couple of months. When you throw in the fact the guy you drafted is a quarterback, who just won a Heisman Trophy and a national championship … well, that certainly didn’t hurt.’’

In other words, it seemed like a logical business decision on our part.

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    1. JJ from down the Highway says:

      This is “the other character” that bought Nick’s shoes…you should thank me for letting you win. If I wasn’t working the backdoor of the AD for Cameron’s jersey, you’d be writing about me beating you out of this auction

      1. jkootbc says:

        Thanks for letting me win. Now, let’s talk business. These pants are going up in price by the day.

    2. JJ from down the Highway says:

      Since there is little chance I’ll ever get the opportunity to buy his BCS game jersey (whole game jerseys is primarily what I collect) I am not really interested in the pants. They are virtually impossible to frame because of their size. If you want to make some money off them, contact Upper Deck Trading Card Company. They will likely be interested and may pay you a handsome finder’s fee. They will cut the pants up in little pieces and glue the pieces to cards to be dispensed randomly in packs of football cards.

      On a side note, those pants are a great centerpiece for any collection. I encourage you to keep the pants and have them framed so that they can be displayed…they deserve that.

      1. jkootbc says:

        I have big plans for those pants and eventually finding a display where they can have a nice home for years to come. You think I overpaid?

    3. JJ from down the Highway says:

      No, I told several people they’d bring $1500. If they were pants from another game you’d have gotten them for about half of that price.

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