ESPN Analyst Matthew Barnaby Arrested In Domestic Violence Bust

Just a couple months into a relationship with SportsNation smokeshow Michelle Beadle and seemingly on a roll as an ESPN hockey analyst, Matthew Barnaby was arrested last night near Buffalo on domestic violence charges. Local news outlets report that the arrest took place at 6:15 p.m. and that there were two female victims. On Wednesday, Barnaby tweeted Going home for 3 days after tomorrow. Father -daughter dance – and watch matty jr play hockey in toronto !! Perfect weekend. Instead of a perfect weekend, Barnaby will be arraigned this morning.

WIVB in Buffalo reports this morning:

The former right winger was arrested and charged with second degree criminal contempt, harassment, second degree criminal trespass, and second degree criminal mischief. Police say after leaving the location, he made angry phone calls, and Barnaby has also been charged with aggravated harassment via a cell phone.

Barnaby, who turned 38 just over a week ago, will spend Friday night in jail and be arraigned Saturday morning in Amherst Town Court.

It seems, via his tweets, that Barnaby went through a pretty serious divorce from his ex-wife back in February.

This was posted via Twitter on February 12.

Can anyone tell me why divorces are so expensive?? A wise man told me- because they are worth it!!!!!!

BAM! A month later it was reported by The Big Lead that Barnaby and Michelle Beadle were dating.



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