15 Lady Gaga Inspired Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Tryout Uniforms

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In this morning’s Daily Dump we mentioned that the Miami Dolphins have announced their 2011 cheerleading team after holding the finals of this year’s competition at a shopping mall over the weekend.  It was your typical tryout with a few twists. There were the celebrity judges. There were random men hanging out after slamming a pile of fries in the food court. And there were Miami Dolphins cheerleader hopefuls jumping around a stage in some of the strangest costumes we’ve seen, possibly of all time.

Just look at some of these Lady Gaga styled outfits. C-R-A-Z-Y.

Our favorite: red suspenders and red bow tie. That kind of creativity should come in handy for the annual Halloween costume game – if the season even happens.
[Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders – Facebook]