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Video & Audio: Ryan Howard Drops 10.0 HD F-Bomb During Last Night’s Game Against Diamondbacks

Who knew a Monday Phillies-Diamondbacks game could provide us with so much content? Earlier this morning we had Phillies gnome guy trying to eat a hot dog, but his beard caused all sorts of issues. Now we get Ryan Howard striking out and waiting to drop an f-bomb until he hits the bat rack where Comcast has microphones that just happen to be open.

Oooops, sorry kids. Earmuffs!

Posted: Last night just seconds after it happened

Premise of Video: Nothing gets blogger’s panties into a bunch more than some high-priced athlete dropping an f-bomb. Imagine foul-mouthed Phillies fans trying to explain to their little kids why Ryan Howard is using the same language daddy uses when he’s bitch slapping mommy.

Climax of Video: It’s an f-bomb. Need any more explanation here?

Conclusion: Wow, that was loud and authoritative. Next time we will put on the headphones. Nearly scared the shit out of the BC office dog.



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