Chicks: Gaby Elizalde In Running For 2011 Hottest Fox Sports Mexico Hostess Elbow Bra Of The Year

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*Gaby Elizalde – Fox Sports Studio Hostess – (Mexican Soccer Division)

We were doing our normal routine this morning looking for hot chicks to profile for you losers wasting company time when we happened upon Gaby’s photos featured in the April edition of TV Notas. It’s you normal magazine dedicated to all things sleazy and celeb in Mexican TV programming. It seems Gaby, as mentioned a Fox Sports Hostess, is in some sort of relationship and Mexicans are going gaga over the details. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Pay attention, ESPN execs. This is what American men want. Elbow bras!

Gaby In Multiple Stages Of Undress! BC Photo Gallery! HERE! HERE! HERE!

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    2. kenalsworld says:

      My goodness, She is beautiful and have a great body. She must not be human lol. She's hot.

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