Daily WTF: It Smells Like Chapstick, Catching The Bus, Compleat Car Wash, Dog Faced Girl, Nice Door Knob, Mankini, Taking The Mini Horse Out, A Little Overboard, No Paper or Tobacco

You have no idea how stuffed our email gets with random photos of retarded ‘stuff’ that really has no immediate home on Busted Coverage. The photos roll in and our reaction is usually the same, “WTF are we going to do with that?”

It’s a major dilemma. A photo that goes to waste really pains us so the investment bankers floating the cash for this operation have hired a new editor to work side-by-side with BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich. Together, we feel our team of photo editors cannot be matched on the blog scene.

Here is there new showcase of epic fails, WTFs and other random shit that now makes up “Busted Coverage’s Epic Moments In Failure.”

Have a photo for this series? Email us.


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