Nightcapper Give Away: Tell Us Why You Need These NHL Headphones & You’ll Be Styling/Listening To CBC Radio Broadcasts Instead Of Hitting On Chicks At The Bar

We received a late proposition from a P.R. rep handling the Coloud.com account.

Valerie wanted to know if we were interested in doing a giveaway for NHL headphones. “Only if you handle all the shipping and questions from these morons,” we told her.

Deal, she responded.

So here are the details on the NHL Coloud Headphones Giveaway:

• In the comments section (below), tell us why you need these headphones. Make up something. Anything quirky. Don’t email us. We get enough emails from guys like Gunaxin.com or TedWilliamsHead.com. The inbox is overflowing.

• If you leave a tremendous comment that is a sure winner and never hear from us, it’s because your stupid ass didn’t leave a legit email.

• These headphones retail for $40 in case you were looking to win ’em and eBay ’em.

• The teams available are the Rangers, Bruins or Maple Leafs.

• Repeat, no other teams available.

• These do work with iPods so take ’em to an NHL rink and figure on getting your ass kicked.

• Email us and you are instantly disqualified.

There you have it Busted Coverage Nation. It’s opening night of the NHL playoffs and Uncle BC already has freebies to give out. Take advantage.


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    1. Louse says:

      I want the Bruins headphones – because I am the motherfuckin bear who wants to take a shit on the Hab-tards to see if it sticks to their fur….can I have 'em now!?!?

    2. Kevin Thornton says:

      I am a lifelong Leafs fan. I bleed blue and white. The three fan bases that are involved are the Bruins, Rangers and Leafs. Well, no one suffers more than the my Leafs and all of us in the Leafs Nation. We haven't won a cup since 1967. If that weren't bad enough…the Florida Panthers and My Leafs are the only teams not to make the playoffs since 2004, but at least the Florida fans have the Heat. Please Leafs Headphones may just enough to keep this Maple Leaf fan sane…Until next season anyway! GO LEAFS GO

    3. Evan says:

      Im Canadian I love hockey Nuff Said!

    4. Jonathan Thompson says:

      I want the headphones, I really do not object to any of the three, if you insist (which you do), I say Bruins. I love hockey, which is a rarity in the part of the country where I live, Alabama. I miss listening to CBC coverage, especially on radio, and on TV. It is nice to have a nuanced perspective from someone that knows. And I want to hear broadcasts from all over the league, not enough Panthers, not enough Jeanneret. Helpppp!

    5. Gary Vanicek says:

      I want the Bruins headphones to cover up the fact that I am missing an ear.

      Vincent Van Gogh (seconded by Mick Foley)

    6. Bruce says:

      I would love me some Maple Leaf headphones so I can ignore my co-workers and read more Bustedcoverage…

    7. Troy says:

      I want these.

      1) My good friend is a HUGE hockey fan and it will wreck his playoffs to know that I, an average sports fan, have something that he believes he should own and display.

      2) I read BC regularly, but don't subject you all to my comments because who really cares what we readers think. I'm just here to contribute my pageviews and have a few laughs, enjoy some stories, and look at some attractive women. If I win, I'll continue to not clutter the pages with my inane banter.


    8. patty says:

      an day without bustedcoverage is like hmmmm

    9. p says:

      each moment a pleasure to read the text

    10. J Koot says:

      Kevin gets the headphones because he was the first Leafs fan to write in and complain about his team being a huge disappointment. He can now dork out with these headphones and not get laid.

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