Cuff ‘Em Bath Salt Criminals: This Guy Hopped Train For 60-Mile Ride, Gets Off, Uses Bath Salts & Ends Up In Community College Classroom!

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On his bath salts stupor, Furr said he wandered around the unfamiliar town looking for help and eventually made it to the college around 1 a.m. Monday. Responding to an alarm, police said they found Furr inside a classroom of Building 4, passed out with his head against a wall. Questioned about why he was in the building, Furr started his story from the beginning. He told police that two days ago he hopped on a freight train in Sunbury, Northumberland County, and rode it 60-plus miles because he was afraid to hop off until it reduced its speed near Wilkes-Barre.

[Police: Man high on balt salts wanders onto LCCC campus]