Video: Naked Female Fan Rushes Mavericks Bench During Last Night’s Lakers Game

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If you know the naked Lakers chick who rushed the Dallas Mavericks bench last night we expect an email with details of this chick and preferably a link to her Model Mayhem page.

This shit went down during the 4th quarter of last night’s game as things were getting a little pushy.

Enter naked chick causing commotion at the Mavs bench.

Posted: Minutes after it happened last night

Premise of Video: Chick gets naked, rushes Mavs bench and yet not a single source can show us the goods. Someone step the fuck up already.

Climax of Video: We suppose the fan reaction of a half-naked broad rushing an NBA bench full of 6-10 ballers.

Conclusion: As we mentioned, you know this chick, we want to chat.