The Afternoon Dump: Hot Aura Avila Pictures, Sexy Bree Conden Gallery, Emmy Rossum over Olivia Munn, Total Package Rachel Moore, Fat Ho Burger, Love of Male Genitalia, & Brad Lidge On DL

Estafania Luyz by far has the best swimsuit.

[BroBible] – 9 ridiculously hot photos of Aura Avila
[Next Round] – The ultimate Bree Conden gallery
[F-Listed] – Serena Williams gets a little too hot for TV
[Moe Jackson] – I would easily pick Emmy Rossum over Olivia Munn
[Linkiest] – The hottest March Madness
[Popoholic] – Vanessa Hudgens struts her sexiness
[unathletic] – Rachel Moore has the total package
[Yeeeah] – Kendall Jenner is only 15, remember that
[The Daily What] – Go get yourself a fat ho burger
[Guyism] – Reporter’s love of male genitalia interrupts cooking segment
[Crossing Broad] – Looks like Brad Lidge will be on the DL
[Sportress of Blogitude] – NFL’s oldest cheerleader is getting a movie, WTF



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