NFL Lockout Time Wasters: Jimmy Clausen & Golden Tate Hang At Playboy Mansion, Let Kyle Rudolph Tag Along

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Yep, the Playboy Golf photos continue to make their way into the BC inbox and today we get a look at Jimmy Clausen being a loser yet again, this time to Golden Tate and 2011 NFL Draft hopeful Kyle Rudolph, who sandwiched Jaime Edmondson in this photo.

Clausen, not seeming to have a worry in the world (between the lockout and losing his job to Blaine Gabbert), is smile from ear to ear.

Oh, and after the jump you get to see Jimmy’s stupid shorts.

Not a peep about the Playboy Mansion trip from Clausen. Same with Rudolph’s Twitter account.

Hmm, wonder why?

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