Terrelle Pryor Stop Sign Violation Court Documents: Buckeyes QB Due In Court – Again – Tomorrow Morning!

So we received the following email this morning RE: Terrelle Pryor.

Back on the chain gang…Terrelle is due in court again tomorrow for yet another traffic offense in another vehicle.  Of course our local media isn’t covering it.  I’m guessing all of these fines/arrests are cutting into his tattoo/weed/bitches budget.

If this link doesn’t take you directly to the March 24th court date, just type in his name and VOILA!  Instant douchebag.

Yep, there it was. TPeezy has a court date tomorrow and we have the files to prove it.

We’ve also done a few searches and can’t find a single outlet reporting that Pryor has found more trouble.

True, it’s just a stop sign offense, but the hits just keep coming for the former 5-star can’t miss recruit.

Items of Interest:

• It was a Pennsylvania vehicle this time.

• You can get an arraignment rescheduled for $5? Seems like a deal.

• Pryor was stopped last April for a traffic offense and was driving a vehicle with an Ohio license plate.

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    1. JohnnyUtah says:

      First, Terrelle Pryor is seemingly beyond redemption in his OSU career and his refusal to recognize his actions as faults is insulting to even Roger Clemens. With that said, I feel the need to add perspective to this situation. Anyone who’s attended OSU knows Pearl St. is a glorified alley and gliding through stop signs there is nearly a 3/5 occurrence. I’ve noticed local police getting people there everyday over the last year and it’s obvious that it’s an easy ticket for them to give. As an OSU fan I would direct Terrelle to this quote from OSU reserve basketball player Nikola Kecman, talking about his inability to play this year due to injury. He said, “I just feel that I didn’t give Ohio State what they gave me with a scholarship and the education they gave me, the treatment that I had here, which is great,” “All the coaches treated me so good in these three years. I feel that with only one complete season that I had, it’s not enough.” I’m just saying, not everyone is an entitled idiot; also Kecman is not an American so he’s not conditioned to our absurdity.

    2. ShotofGinn says:

      desperate for material? I'd fucking say. Shawne Merriman got a driving alone on a learners permit ticket back in 2001, when is that post? Turd.

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