Bo The Bailer Ex-Girlfriend (Photos) Sara Saco-Vertiz In Her Lingerie, Boobs Hanging Out

sara_saco (3)

Update #2: Tonight on Tosh.o. Sara gets her redemption. You’ve been warned. Check your local listings.

Update: We’ve been in contact with Bo to see if he’s interested in dropping pics of Ms. Sara that are even more revealing.

Na im not gonna do that to her.

The boys at are going to be out of commission for awhile after their shared server crashed after trying to show the world what Bo The Bailer’s ex-girlfriend Sara Saco-Vertiz looks like in her lingerie.

Luckily, we struck a deal and the photos are now available on Busted Coverage.

Jump! Enjoy!

[imagebrowser id=188]

*Bonus! Even more photos of Ms. Saco-Vertiz that Busted Coverage has collected over the last 24 hours.

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    1. […] ball. So what did she do? She beat him to the punch and released some photos of her in a bikini to Busted Coverage. Keep reading for the Facebook status that Bo posted, and the pictures of his ex. He posted this […]

    2. Neil says:

      Too bad you slapped your gaudy logo all over them.

    3. J Koot says:

      Oh, you noticed? Go fuck yourself. We're tired of being ripped off when we go out and bust ass trying to find stories.

    4. […] that girl who’s boyfriend bailed on her when the fly ball came? Ya, she is really hot. […]

    5. Shitty Site says:

      Nice POS site you have here. Every click gets a pop up. Good way to make a few pennies on one time visitors. you suck.

    6. J Koot says:

      Thanks. In this economy we enjoy every extra penny instead of living out of a 1999 Chevy Malibu after running out of unemployment.

    7. […] Dude invited all of this [F-Listed] Bo The Bailer’s ex-girlfriend is hot in lingerie [BustedCoverage] Share var flashvars = { //video ID vi:"1df0a21a7cd20b59db2b9b50a0a0a20dd8460059", […]

    8. […] Remember The Girl Who Got Hit With The Foul Ball At The Astros Game Because Her Boyfriend Got Out Of The Way? Well Wanna See Some Pics Of Her In Lingerie? Here Ya Go – BustedCoverage […]

    9. Pimp D says:

      I'd pimp that bitch hard, boy. Hard.

    10. […] UPDATE: If the pics are down go hit up Busted Coverage. […]

    11. […] server. The pics you all are looking for can be found on multiple sites. Hit up the guys at BustedCoverage until I can get my outsourced I.T help in India to migrate my shit […]

    12. Freaky Robber says:

      Bitch got some nice titties but she look like Detlef Schrempf in the Face

    13. Nate says:

      You dipshits clearly do not know the meaning of the word "lingerie."

    14. J Koot says:

      Nate, you're really worried about the use of the word lingerie?

      Get laid much? Quit sweating the small details, bro.

    15. Robert says:

      Cool…i'll try this.

    16. […] “Bo the bailer” is leaking semi-NSFW shots of the girl that dumped his ass because he bailed on her.  Stay classy Bo, while we reap all the benefits…. […]

    17. PARYANTO says:


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