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Blood’s Greatest Moments In Basketball History Highlighted By Matt Howard’s Face Exploding Last Night

Butler faced Illinois-Chicago last night and it was just another innocent game in the Midwest being watched by a few dozen diehard basketball fans.

And then Matt Howard’s (Butler) face exploded via this elbow to his skull (GIF).

The full details from the News-Sentinel:

Lost amid the screaming fans as VanZant’s shot sank through the net was that Butler’s best player, Matt Howard, was on his back in the middle of the lane. Eventually he was helped to his feet, and as he stood up a gruesome sight sent gasps through the crowd of 5,287.

Howard had been accidentally hit on the face. A knot rose over his left eye, then exploded in blood, which covered his face.

Oh, Dear God! Exploded. How cool is that, especially because he didn’t die and will live a full life.

Bingo! Gallery time!

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