Poker WAGs: Jessica Lynn Hinton & Her Giant Boobs Are Dating Hold ‘Em Stud Dan Bilzerian

It’s been quite some time since the Busted Coverage editors felt so sure about announcing a “World’s Hottest…”

That all changes today as we introduce all of you to Jessica Lynn Hinton (34D-26-35, if you are keeping track at home). Call her Jessa. Her friends do.

Ms. Hinton has done the Playboy thing. She’s been modeling for a few years and seems to have settled in nicely amongst the other big boobed ladies in Las Vegas. In fact, Hinton hit the jackpot. She landed herself a loaded poker player, Dan Bilzerian, who has done some serious damage over the years and is one of the horses in the Victory Poker stable.

Take a beautiful woman who is dating a rich poker player and you have “The World’s Hottest Poker WAG.”

Contenders are asked to email us and provide at least 15-20 photo samples for our esteemed judges to critique.

[Jessa Lynn Hinton – Twitter]

[Jessica Lynn Hinton – Model Mayhem]

[Jessica Lynn Hinton – NSFW – Playboy]

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    3. Ura Ass says:

      Hacky site. Has to put annoying spam like features on it so you can't close advertisement windows. F'in losers cant get real traffic so they resort to annoying tactics that ruin the web.

    4. Sharmota_Egy says:

      34D-26-35 :)
      ويستولى الإخوان المسلمون على السلطة.

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