Video: Polamalu Steelers Body Paint Chick Can Take Directions Very Well, Knows How To Bounce Rack & Ass On Command At Fantasy Fest ’10

Yep, it’s the week from hell for Steelers and Packers fan, so we’ll ease the pain.

This was from Key West’s Fantasy Fest ’10 where Steelers fan showed up and wowed the crowd with her body paint skills.

Think bouncing will make that paint streak? Think again.

Posted: Jan. 26, 2011

Premise of Video: Of course she’s asked to shake “those money-makers.” And she obliges. We’ve always heard that you can’t travel more than 20 miles in this country without finding a Steelers fan. It would be one helluva project to find out if that’s true so we’ll be the first to volunteer at Key West next year.

Climax of Video: The boobs start bouncing and black eyes ensue.

Conclusion: Wait until you see what she can do with her ass cheeks. Amazing!

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