Craigslist NFL '11 Casual Encounter BJ Prop Bets: The 21st Century In Prop Betting Has Been Taken To The Next Level

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So heres what I’m thinking. On Saturday, you cum over, lets drink some beer and watch the Seahawks Bears game. And lets have a little wager on the game. If the Bears win, you give me a bj, the Seahawks win, I give you a bj. We can also make it a double bet, with a half time bj on the line so there’d be some half time entertainment :). Really just looking for someone cool to watch the game with, and to explore my curiosity (I have never done this before). Some traits that would be ideal (not musts): close to my age, curious or 1st timer. Here are my musts: discrete, d&d free, low key. If we have a good time, we can make n ongoing thing. Lemme know if you are interested. Go Bears :) I’m 29, white, blonde, 200 lbs. About 5.5 uncut.

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