Purdue Figures Out Way To Make More Money Not Going To Bowl Game Vs. Going To Bowl Game & Taking Bath On Unsold Tickets

Maybe Purdue isn’t full of morons like Kevin The Intern after all.

Business Insider has a report out on how the Boilermakers will make more money going 4-8 and not going to a bowl game versus its 2000 Rose Bowl visit.

This season, eight Big Ten bowl teams will net the conference more than $44 million in payouts. After $14 million is set aside for those programs’ travel expenses, the remaining $30.5 million will be divided equally among the 11 Big Ten teams. Purdue figures to earn $2.7 million from their share.

While that’s pure profit for bowl ineligible programs, teams that make the postseason dip into those reserves to subsidize travel, lodging, food, and ticket expenses that go well beyond the $2 million the conference provides. In 2000, for example, Purdue returned from Pasadena with just $600 in profit.

$2.7 million for not going to a bowl game! Just think of UConn who shouldn’t see much more than $3 million before covering its burden for tickets, hotel and travel, according to the Norwich Bulletin.

This post would have been totally worthless without the lovely Arika to spice it up.

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