Fan Fights: Derrick Rose Jersey Chick Drops Wild Barrage Of Right Hooks On Some Other South Side Trash

Who’s up for a chick fight in the upper deck at Friday’s Bulls-Lakers game?

When will these fighters learn lessons from Busted Coverage? We continue to tell these drunk morons that you should never fight someone in the row behind your seat. If it comes time to drop your Budweiser and pound some head, take the time to walk up the row and start bombing.

The wrong way to fan fight…after the jump!

Posted: Dec. 10, 2010

Premise of Fight (according to vlogger): This is Derrick Rose jersey chick beating up a Lakers fan. Do we know that for certain? No, but we’ll take the vlogger’s word.

Climax of Fight: :14 mark. Dumb move, Lakers chick. You are getting served since you are too stupid to get into the same row with the other moron. Here come the right bombs.

Conclusion: Filed under…things you don’t see happening in the 100 level seats.

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