Drunk/Naked FSU Tailgate Chick Investigation®: The Ugly Chick – Knarly Carly – Shows Her Boobs To An Unappreciative Noles Nation

The Drunk/Naked FSU Tailgate Chick Investigation® is on its last legs and the case would be closed if the emails would cease.

Today we get news on one of the ugly chicks sharing the stage with Kate.

It seems like these ladies are notorious on the FSU campus for flashing the boobies.

(Before you start bitching, no we cannot show the NSFW photo because our advertisers would go absolutely nuts. Understand? No? Deal with it or don’t visit BC.)

From the inbox:

Alright here is the picture of her friend with the gray shirt. My friends know her as Gnarly Carly because she is notorious for flashing her tits.

Have photos of college chicks from another campus so we can change it up a little? Send them in.

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    1. gnarly carly says:

      you spelled my name wrong…its Gnarly with a G.

      im not sure the need for my name…my tits are nothing to look forward to..although I don't mind showing unappreciative crowds..obviously..

    2. Black Mamba says:

      Gnarly why u so mad tho?

    3. […] That topless chick who fell off a truck while tailgating at a college football game shows her tits again. Color me surprised. (Busted Coverage) […]

    4. gnarly carly says:

      whats there to be mad at? im almost famous.

    5. Black Mamba says:

      gnarly i hope ur not cereal…

    6. gnarly carly says:

      totally cereal.

    7. Black Mamba says:

      strong troll i doubt this is Gnarly spoon pic or gtfo

    8. gnarly carly says:

      if i knew how to send a pic i would.

    9. Black Mamba says:

      lets see… do u know what a email is? send it to with u know something they invented in the late 90s called attaching pictures to email. I dunno it seems kinda hard man

    10. gnarly carly says:

      just look me up on facebook dawg. its as simple as that.

    11. Black Mamba says:

      Lol nice theres no spoon pic nice trollin sis.

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