Drunk/Naked FSU Tailgate Chick Investigation: Is This Samantha Kate Wicker, A 2009 H.S. Graduate?

The Drunk/Naked FSU Tailgate Chick tip hotline continues to buzz as readers spend valuable hours of life trying to help us figure out the identity of the most notorious female tailgater in Florida State history.

Your Kate Wicker could be a “Samantha Kate Wicker”, a 2009 graduate from Plant City High School. Unfortunately, most other searches resulted in a dead end for a good picture of her close-up. Hope this helps!

It’s going to be cold this weekend. Sleuth all you want. The tip hotline will be open and willing to consider all leads.

[Samantha Kate Wicker Via Some Plant City Church PDF]

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    1. FSUanonymous says:

      Her name definitely is Kate Wicker.. she has an old myspace:

    2. Anon says:

      Why don't you call Kate Wicker's dad and ask if that's her? Apparently he's a vet:

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